TAW Theory of Advanced World

TAW(Theory of an Advanced World) is the newest theory. There is nothing like TAW all over the world. TAW is composed of 2 parts, Fractal Phycology and Fractal Phenomenology.

“Thoughts create reality, 100% without exception” TAW can explain completely about this mechanism of the world.

And I will help you to resolve your problem and improve your life by utilizing this theory.

Hello! My name is Hiroko Takahashi, a Japanese woman who works as Fractal-Phycology Counselor in Tokyo.

My life has changed dramatically thanks to TAW. So I would like to share to you its wonderful power and efficiency and I really hope that TAW could be utilized by so many people all over the world very soon.

If you want to know more about Taw, please check this website.

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I can offer you the menu as follows here in Tokyo, Japan in English.

<Personal Counseling>

1hour 5,000yen

2hour 10,000yen

<LDP: Life Decoding Procedure>

2hours 6,480yen

(including text fee)

<The magic of changing others>

2hours 6,480yen

(including text fee)

<Study! The way that you change your children>

2hours 6,480yen

(including text fee)

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